Is It Safe Flying With Your Baby?

Flying is generally safe for babies. The operational word is “generally”, but it is a case-to-case basis. You have to seek advice from your paediatrician if your baby’s condition is safe enough to put your child on a plane. Some would probably say that you can fly your baby as early as a day old while others might advise you… More →

Why Don’t We See Many Female Commercial Pilots?

Think back to your last flight on a commercial airline. Was your pilot, and their copilot, male? Chances are, they most likely were. It’s quite rare to fly with a female pilot in the cockpit, and far more common to find women serving as flight attendants on each and every flight. There are many women who work in the airline… More →

Tips for Pilots to Stay Focused During Flights

Becoming a pilot is a difficult task, a journey with significant learning, training, and practice required to achieve success and safety. Over the course of those many hours of preparation and study, pilots must also hone certain skills in order to excel in the sky – and when you’re sitting down for a particularly long flight, focus is key. You… More →

Supplements For Increased Focus For Pilots

Every pilot knows that precision is necessary. It is the only way that his flight can be successful at all times. This can be achieved through continuous training and frequent flying in order to improve his skills and performance. Focus on the task at hand is also very critical. They have to remember that the lives of the people onboard… More →

Skin Care Tips for Those Who Travel for Work

A skincare regimen can make the difference between youthful, glowing skin and dull, dried out itchiness. We all want to take care of our skin on a daily basis, taking great caution to ensure it looks its best – but when your work schedule demands that you spend days and nights on the road, in hotels, or in the air,… More →