Is It Safe Flying With Your Baby?

FlyingFlying is generally safe for babies. The operational word is “generally”, but it is a case-to-case basis. You have to seek advice from your paediatrician if your baby’s condition is safe enough to put your child on a plane. Some would probably say that you can fly your baby as early as a day old while others might advise you to wait for at least two weeks or a month. Babies delivered prematurely or through caesarean section might have greater risks than babies given birth in healthy full terms.

There are various things to consider before you decide if it is really necessary to take that flight or suspend it for a certain period of time. Here are some that you just have to think through prior to pursuing your plan of flying with your baby.

Airline Regulations

Although there is no overarching regulation when it comes to traveling with a baby, some airlines might not allow new-born babies younger than a month or two to fly on their aircraft. Others may require from your physician a medical certification that it is safe to travel your baby. You have to ask the airline before you book.

Mother’s Condition

Mothers still experience some postpartum effects and may not be in the best condition to travel. If the mother gave birth through caesarean section, the more she needs rest. Before you check if your baby is healthy enough to take air travel, have yourself checked first with your doctor.

Baby’s Immune System

The airport is always a crowded place where the presence of all sorts of virus, germs and bacteria is viable. Some doctors ask the mothers to wait until the baby has received all the immunization shots before allowing them to travel. Still, despite this precaution, a baby’s immune system may not yet fully develop to resist any kind of infection.

Air Pressure Build-up

Change in cabin pressure, especially during take-off and landing, may cause your baby’s ears to pop or feel pain. To avoid this, feed your baby or have him on pacifier to balance the pressure. Also, consider if your baby has breathing difficulties as this may also affect his body during the flight.