Tips for Pilots to Stay Focused During Flights

pilotBecoming a pilot is a difficult task, a journey with significant learning, training, and practice required to achieve success and safety. Over the course of those many hours of preparation and study, pilots must also hone certain skills in order to excel in the sky – and when you’re sitting down for a particularly long flight, focus is key. You don’t want to find your mind and attention wandering while piloting an airplane, as this could lead to danger for you and your potential passengers. Even experienced pilots can struggle with focus when things are monotonous or dull, as who isn’t prone to distraction when at work? However, a lack of focus can be combated with a few tricks.

Ignore What Isn’t Immediately Important

In today’s world of instantaneous emails, text messages, and social media, we all feel as though we need to respond to everyone and everything urgently. If we don’t reply quickly enough, the problem could grow larger – but so often, we forget that not every question, text, or “crisis” is truly urgent. Instead, all of that sudden response and attention that we devote to these non-essential items distracts us and ruins our ability to focus on one thing: the most important task at hand. As a pilot, it’s important to keep your attention on what’s right before you rather than what’s happening around you. Instead of worrying about your growing email list, the noisy passengers, or even flight attendant questions, focus on what requires your attention above all else. By tuning out what isn’t crucial, you can keep your mind on flying.

Turn Down Some Jobs

Most of us want to load up on work, to take on as much responsibility or as many tasks as we can to prove our strengths. However, working to the point of exhaustion doesn’t do any good; instead, it hinders our ability to focus on any of our work and lowers the quality of our performance. If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, tired, or even in need of a vacation, don’t volunteer to pilot any additional flights and increase your workload. It’s better for your focus if you turn down some of those extra opportunities – on every flight, you’ll be able to concentrate better and focus on your work rather than feel the distracting weight of all of your added responsibility.